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WoodEpox®NEW Pre-Tinted - 2 Gallon set Dark Brown

WoodEpox®NEW Pre-Tinted - 2 Gallon set Dark Brown

Price: $ 239.95

WoodEpox®Pre-Tinted-Dark Brown - 2 Gallon set

WoodEpox bonds permanently with high strength to most surfaces. WoodEpox fills cracks, holes, and voids of any size without the shrinking and crumbling of common wood fillers. It can replace or add missing or new sections in window frames and sills, furniture, sculptures, structural and decorative components, indoors and outdoors. Because of its strength and durability, it is as different from wood fillers as a permanent solution from temporary remedies.  

WoodEpox is available in original off-white color and now in two colors:

* DARK BROWN and LIGHT PINE only available in 2 Quart, 2 Gallon and 10 Gallon sizes 

WoodEpox Sizes

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