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Log Home Terminology

log chinking

Log chinking is best described as the material (you can compare this to caulk) that is placed between your logs after they have been stacked. Log chinking is designed to contrast the color of your log beams and act as a barrier from the elements. This chinking material can be applied on the interior, exterior or both sides of your home. 

Log chinking can also be described as an elastic sealant material that has a coarse surface which is designed to look like old-fashioned mortar and is typically used on larger log home joints. Log chinking can be used for aesthetic purposes or it can be used to keep the elements on the outside of your log home.

It is best to apply a stain that is compatible with the log chinking material first because it will act as a primer for the log chinking and will normally improve the overall adhesion of the log chinking material. Additionally, it makes the clean up process for the log chinking material much easier. Finally, if your log chinking is properly installed, there should be very little if any maintenance work.