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Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding 078 Natural - 5 Gallon

Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding 078 Natural - 5 Gallon

Price: $ 545.95

078 Natural


Cetol Log & Siding is a high-performance translucent satin finish for exterior vertical wood surfaces. This alkyd high solids formulation offers optimum protection and a premium look in just two coats.

Key Features:
  • Creates a durable surface barrier to prevent weathering
  • Allows natural characteristics and grain of wood to show through
  • Minimizes cracking due to expansion and contraction of wood





Solvent based


All types of exterior wood

Recommended for:

Siding, Logs, Trim

Clean Up:

Mineral Spirits

Dry Time:

(At 20º C (78º F) and 65% relative humidity)

  • Dries to recoat in 24 hours
Number of coats:


Application Method: Long-haired natural bristle brush; or, airless sprayer using a .011 - .013 tip size @ 1200 - 1700 psi. Second coat may be sprayed, if back brushed. Surface & 50º - 95º F Air Temp: 10º - 35º C Thinning: None; ready to use after stirring well. Coverage: Smooth wood - 300 - 400 sq. ft./gal. 7.4 - 10 m2 /l Rough wood - 150 - 225 sq. ft./gal. 3.7 - 5.5 m2 /l Cleanup: Mineral Spirits Drying Time: Recoatable in 24 hours minimum at 68º F (20º C) and 65% relative humidity. At temperatures below 50º F (10º C) or conditions of high humidity the drying time will be extended. Note: During application, moisture content of wood substrate should not exceed 18%. Do not apply when rain, dew, or frost are forecast within five (5) hours of application. 

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