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Transformation Log & Timber Gold Tone Medium 5 Gallon

Transformation Log & Timber Gold Tone Medium 5 Gallon

Price: $ 549.99

Restore What Nature Destroyed

Sashco Transformation Stain is perfect for adding luster to any old, eroded, or dull stain. This stain works even if your old stain is eroded or failing. Sashco Transformation Stain will transform the appearance of your exterior logs and exterior vertical woodwork from dull and lifeless to rich and brilliant.

Sashco Transformation Stain isn't just for restoration. Sashco Transformation Stain provides a solid foundation of protection that can reduce frequency of future maintenance. Saving time and money.

Compared to some of the most popular stains on the market, Sashco Transformation Stain out-performed  in color and appearance. Sashco Transformation Stain delivers beauty that lasts.

Sashco Transformation Stain Features & Benefits
• High-performance oil-based finish.
• Excellent for restoration work and new construction.
• Beautiful translucent finish.
• Ultra water repellent with extreme UV protection.
• Easy to apply.
• Restoration tested for compatibility over many stains.
• Freeze-thaw stable.

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