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LiquidWood® - 12 oz. Set

LiquidWood® - 12 oz. Set

Price: $ 43.90

With LiquidWood, a piece of deteriorated wood that could crumble under finger pressure can be impregnated and restored to a rigid, durable, water and weather resistant wood superior to its original. The hardened mass can be sawed, planed, routed, carved, drilled, nailed, sanded, glued, and painted. Liquid Wood is also a primer for WoodEpox.

Uses: LiquidWood is ideal for regenerating and waterproofing rotted, dried-out or spongy window sills, thresholds, window and door frames, columns, stair steps, floors, moldings, doors, and shutters just to name a few.

Features & Benefits: LiquidWood has exceptional adhesion, structural strength, versatility, permanence, dimensional stability, and water resistance. LiquidWood is easy to use, and contain no VOC’s or noxious odors.

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