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Newborn 634 AL - 34 oz

Newborn 634 AL - 34 oz

Price: $ 135.85

34 oz Bulk loading gun is light weight and ready to work.

The Newborn 634-AL aluminum smooth rod caulking gun fits 10 oz., 20 oz., or 30 oz. sausage packs, 34 oz. bulk caulk, or 8-1/2" or 10" cartridges, and has an 18:1 thrust ratio for use with medium to high viscosity materials such as silicone, acrylic, adhesives, asphalt, butyl, and cement. The smooth pressure rod requires less force and is quieter than a ratchet-style pressure rod. The aluminum barrel and zinc alloy handle and trigger are lightweight and provide corrosion resistance. The caulking gun includes a cup for use with sausage packs, a combination dual hytrel cup and conical ejector for use with bulk caulk, and three plastic cone nozzles.

Caulking guns, also called caulk or cartridge guns, dispense a controlled flow of products such as caulk, sealants, and adhesives from a tube or cartridge. A manual caulking gun consists of a frame which holds the tube, a trigger, and a rod which moves forward when the trigger is depressed, dispensing the product. Manual caulking guns have a thrust ratio; the higher the thrust ratio, the easier it is to dispense the caulk, sealant, or adhesive. Air-powered or pneumatic caulking guns also have a frame and a trigger, but are used with an air pressure regulator that pushes the product from the tube using air pressure instead of a rod.

What's in the Box?
  • 1 Newborn 634-AL aluminum barrel caulking gun
  • 1 SC-81 sausage-only cup
  • 1 DC-81 dual hyrtel cup
  • 1 CI-90 conical ejector
  • 3 PC-620 plastic cone nozzles (you cut to size)

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How to load a Chinking Gun: