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Log Jam

Log Jam

- Recognized industry standard for synthetic chinking

- Superior elasticity – won't tear, preventing weather and insect infiltration

- Limited lifetime warranty

- Water-based – easy to apply and clean up

- Freeze-thaw stable

Below are Some Basic Application Guidelines:

  • Best results are obtained when Log Jam is applied to clean, dry, stained wood.
  • Install a bond breaker before Log Jam is applied. Backer rod, Grip Strip, and bond-breaking tape perform this function well. If Log Jam is applied over white styrene bead-board, it is best to cover the bead-board with polyester tape (to prevent adhesion to the beadboard). We do not recommend the use of blue or pink extruded polystyrene board.
  • Tool the Log Jam to ensure good contact with the log surfaces, especially to the upper log; this will greatly aid adhesion.