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Kutzall 4.5

Kutzall 4.5" Dish Wheel Coarse

Price: $ 70.00

Kutzall Extreme 4.5 inch Coarse (most popular)


Dish Wheel

When it comes to freehand carving on your larger projects, no other tool gets the job done better than a Kutzall Dish Wheel. Paired with a quality right angle grinder, our Dish Wheels have helped skilled craftsman create truly remarkable things.

The pronounced carving radius on our 4½" Dish Wheels is perfect for effortless contour sculpting, and adding extra levels of dimension into your creations.

The rugged tungsten-carbide coating on all Kutzall Dish Wheels allows you to cut faster, and longer, with minimal clogging and time spent cleaning.

Kutzall Grit