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Cascade Exterior Clear Coat  5 gallon Semi-Gloss

Cascade Exterior Clear Coat 5 gallon Semi-Gloss

Price: $ 402.99

Sashco Cascade Stain is a clear, exterior water repellent—the finishing top coat of Sashco’s Cascade staining system. Cascade provides added exterior protection against damaging UV rays, molds and fungi. It dries with a modest sheen and adds depth to the appearance of stained logs.

Sashco CascadeStain Features & Benefits
• Finishing top coat for Sashco's Capture Stain
• Ultra water repellent
• Water-based - easy to apply and clean up
• Freeze-thaw stable

Sashco Cascade Stain Coverage Rate
• 300-600 sq. ft. per gallon
• As with all Sashco Cascade stains, coverage will vary depending upon roughness and porosity of the wood. 

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