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Bee Gone Concentrate 8 oz.

Bee Gone Concentrate 8 oz.

Price: $ 55.95

BEE GoneĀ® Insecticide Concentrate


Guard against those damaging and destructive outdoor pests with BEE Gone®, our EPA-registered pyrethroid insecticide. Around your home and residential outbuildings, it effectively controls carpenter bees and other wood-destroying insects. For easy spray-on application, BEE Gone also mixes readily with water. Plus it’s designed for use in exterior coatings, and can be applied with WOODguard® treatments.


  • EPA-registered and effective pyrethroid insecticide.
  • Controls carpenter bees and wood-destroying insects.
  • Works as a perimeter treatment for outdoor pests around residential buildings.
  • Can be easily mixed with water for spraying.
  • Designed for wooden structural surfaces on home’s exterior.
  • For outdoor homeowner use only.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: BEE Gone mixes readily with water and is specifically packaged for residential use as a diluted spray. Use a clean sprayer, such as a tank type or hose-end sprayer to mix and apply the proper amount of concentrate with the desired volume of water. For perimeter applications, measure the area to be treated to determine the application volume. For trees, shrubs and flowers, apply as a thorough cover spray until foliage is wet. Refer to Specific Application Instructions in the recommended rate tables for additional instructions.

  • HOME-INVADING PESTS (OUTDOOR USE ONLY) MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Mix 1.6 fluid oz. (3 1/4 Tablespoons) of BEE Gone Concentrate per 1 gallon of spray solution to make a 0.5% spray emulsion [1 fluid oz. = 2 Tablespoons (T) = 6 teaspoons (tsp)]. Do not use utensils such as spoons and measuring cups after use with pesticides. HOW TO APPLY Spot Treatment • Apply a 0.5% emulsion as a pin stream low-pressure spray or as a paint-on application with a paintbrush. • Treat where pests are found or entry points of the structure such as window frames, doorways, porches, patios, and foundation. • Spot-treatment may also be made to garages, garbage cans, and garbage areas. • DO NOT apply indoors (including crawl spaces). Perimeter Application • Spray a 6 to 8 foot wide band of soil around the perimeter of the house. Treat the foundation wall to a height of 2 to 3 feet. • Use a spray volume of 2 to 10 gallons of 0.5% emulsion per 1000 square feet. If mulch or debris is present, a higher volume application rate may be needed to ensure adequate coverage. • Note: residual control will vary depending on exposure of the treated area to weathering conditions (temperature, sunlight, moisture). Retreat on a monthly schedule while insects are likely to be active. Wood Destroying Pests • Localized Areas Outdoors: for the control of insects such as termites, bees, carpenter ants and wood infesting beetles in localized above-ground areas of infested wood around structures, apply a 0.5% emulsion to voids and galleries in damaged wood and in spaces between wooden members of a structure and between wood and foundations where wood is vulnerable. Apply either as a spray or paint-on application. For termites, the purpose of application is to destroy workers or winged reproductive forms, which may be present at the time of treatment. This product is not designed for preventative use and should only be applied when pests appear.